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Want to deliver you video message directly to your customer's inbox? Increase customer engagement? Improve open rates and click-throughs? Vidiense has developed an automated video-in-email platform capable of building and delivering your video email marketing campaign. For service providers or larger corporate clients we have developed a plug-in to work directly with your email marketing platform.
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If a picture tells a thousand words — then a video email directly into your customer's inbox tells the complete story. Vidiense vMail actively engages your customer with communication that is vibrant, meaningful and attentive, measuring effectiveness and delivering superior outcomes.


Vidiense has developed the perfect video email marketing process to deliver your marketing message, improving open and view rates, increasing click-through rates and delivering better call to action results.


The Vidiense automated video-in-email platform provides you with the capability to deliver video-in-email. Whether you are a large corporation with your own email marketing system or an email service provider, CRM software vendor or marketing automation company, Vidiense's automated platform can help boost your email marketing. 

The power of Vidiense vMail

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Generate new opportunities, leverage existing assets, open social channels

Extract from Verizon e-billing campaign click on teaser video to see full campaign. 

Video-in-email produces record breaking conversion to e-billing at Verizon

The use of video and the emotive “Power of You” message was able to substantially lift open and view rates compared to previous email campaigns. Open rates lead to record-breaking conversion rates to e-billing.

View rates were 41.8% while customer conversions to e-billing was the highest ever result at 16.8%

Campaign using video-in-email lifts Audi dealer test drive registrations

The video feature of the vMail was the perfect device to grab people’s attention, to take the step to register for a test drive and to bring their car purchase decision forward.

Campaign email view rates were a massive 53%, while test drives generated were 30.6% of those that clicked through to the landing page.

Mark Welker - WA Tourism / Red Bull Air Show

Digital Production Manager
We also saw very healthy increases in interaction rates from 14.55% to 56.76%.  .... the email was forwarded 3,000 times, whereas the non-video email recorded just 3 forwards.  

Alan Reid - Beta Pharmaceutical Limited

Executive Chairman
The day that we sent our video email to a list of 35,000, we had 25,000 people visited our website that afternoon. We were absolutely amazed by the numbers.